[Updated] CBSE Class 10 Maths Worksheet 2024-25 Session in PDF

One of the predominant instructional approaches widely utilized in contemporary classrooms is worksheets. Teachers have incorporated worksheets into their teaching methodologies to enhance students’ logical, linguistic, analytical, and problem-solving skills. As a result, we offer a Class 10 Maths Worksheet designed for practice, aiming to assist students in achieving high scores in their final examinations.


Before delving into the Class 10 Worksheet, review the CBSE Class 10 Summary provided below. We’ve outlined the entire CBSE Class 10 Summary for your reference. It’s recommended that students take a look at the complete summary.

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Class 10 Maths Worksheet

Below, we have mentioned the CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Worksheet. Students have checked the complete Class 10 Maths Worksheets in pdf for the final examination’s great score.

Example of Worksheet

Class 10 Maths Worksheet
Class 10 Maths Worksheet

NOTE: The links below are for downloading Class 10 Maths Worksheets in PDF format.

S.No.Class 10 Maths Worksheet
1.Class 10 Maths Worksheet
2.Class 10 Maths Worksheet

Class 10 Maths Syllabus 2024-25

Check out the latest CBSE NCERT Class 10 Maths Syllabus. The syllabus is for the academic year 2024-25 sessions. First, check the CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Syllabus in PDF format with the exam pattern. Students are advised to check out the complete syllabus.

Class 10 Maths Exam Pattern

In this Section, we have mentioned the Class 10 Maths Exam Pattern. Students can check the Class 10 Maths Exam Pattern for the academic year 2024-25.

UnitsUnits NameMarks
INumber Systems6
IIICoordinate Geometry6
VIIStatistics and Probability11
Internal Assessment20

Class 10 Maths Syllabus in Brief Review

Below, we have mentioned the Class 10 Mathematics Syllabus Brief Review, such as which topics/chapters will be covered in the syllabus. Students are advised to check the brief review of the Mathematics syllabus.

Unit I: Number SystemsUnit- II Algebra
Real NumberPolynomials
Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables
Quadratic Equations
Arithmetic Progressions
Unit III: Coordinate GeometryUnit V: Trigonometry
Introduction To Trigonometry
Trigonometric IdentitiesTrigonometric Identities
Unit VI: MensurationUnit VII: Statistics And Probability
Areas Related To Circles
Surface Areas and Volumes

NOTE:- To know more about the Class 10 Mathematics Syllabus

Class 10 Maths Useful Resources

We have tried to bring CBSE Class 10 Maths NCERT Study Materials like Syllabus, Worksheet, Sample Paper, NCERT Solutions, Important Books, Holiday Homework, Previous Year Question Papers, etc. You can visit all these important topics by clicking the links given.​

Study MaterialsStudy Materials
Class 10 Maths SyllabusClass 10 Maths Previous Year Paper
Class 10 Maths NCERT BooksClass 10 Maths Revision Notes
Class 10 Maths Exemplar BooksClass 10 Maths Sample Paper
Class 10 Maths NCERT SolutionClass 10 Maths Marking Scheme
Class 10 Maths Worksheet
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