[Updated] CBSE Class 10th SST Board Exam 2024-25: MCQs Question Share by Expert & More!

Attention students! The CBSE Class 10th SST Board Exam is around the corner. It’s time for those last-minute revisions before the big day. Look at these multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to aid you in final preparations for the CBSE Board exam. They’ll give you a sneak peek into the questions you might encounter tomorrow. Happy studying!

In this article, you’ll find everything about the Class 10th SST Board Exam, including its pattern, sample papers, question papers, and more!

Class 10 SST MCQs Question in PDF

Below we have mentioned the Class 10th Social Science MCQs Question that will help you crack the Board exam.

CBSE Class 10 SST Year Wise Sample Paper || Class 10th SST Previous Year Paper

Take Care of these Points as Well.

  • While reading the passage, keep underlining the fixed lines.
  • Mind you, the title always starts or ends.
  • Make easy sentences while making sentences.
  • If Sanskrit seems complicated, choose a part of the picture instead of a paragraph.
  • The grammar part is like mathematics. As many correct answers as possible, so do it carefully.
  • Answer based on the instructions given in the passage, phrase and theatrical form.
  • The use of complicated sentences should be avoided.
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