[Syllabus Changed] CBSE Class 11 Entrepreneurship Syllabus for New Academic Session 2024-25: Download in PDF

The CBSE Class 11th Entrepreneurship Syllabus for the academic session 2024-25 has been updated. Students are encouraged to review the revised syllabus recently uploaded to the website.


Prior to delving into the Class 11 Entrepreneurship Studies NCERT Syllabus, it’s beneficial to review the CBSE Class 11 Summary. Below, we’ve provided a comprehensive overview of the CBSE Class 11 curriculum. Students are encouraged to explore the full summary for detailed insights.

BoardCBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
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Class 11 Entrepreneurship Exam Pattern

Here in this Section, we have mentioned the Class 11 Entrepreneurship Exam Pattern. Students can check the Class 11 Entrepreneurship Exam Pattern for the academic year 2024-25.

S. No. Unit Periods Marks
1. Entrepreneurship – What, Why and How 15 15
2. An Entrepreneur 25
3. Entrepreneurial Journey 30 20
4. Entrepreneurship as Innovation and Problem Solving 30
5. Understanding the Market 40 15
6. Business Finance Arithmetic 30 20
7. Resource Mobilization 30
 Project Work 40 30
 Total 240 100

Brief Review

Below we have mentioned the Class 11 Entrepreneurship Syllabus Brief Review like which topics/chapters to be covered in the syllabus. students are advised to check the brief review of Entrepreneurship syllabus.

Unit 1: Entrepreneurship – What, Why and How Unit 2: An Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship – Concept,  Functions and Need
Why Entrepreneurship For You
Myths about Entrepreneurship
Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship
Process of Entrepreneurship
Startup: Concept
Entrepreneurship – The Indian
Why be an Entrepreneur
Types of Entrepreneurs
Competencies and characteristics
Entrepreneurial Values, Attitudes and Motivation
Entrepreneur: Importance in any
organization; Difference Entrepreneur & Entrepreneur
Unit 3: Entrepreneurship Journey Unit 4: Entrepreneurship as Innovation and Problem Solving
Self-Assessment of Qualities, Skills,
Resources and Dreams
Generation of Ideas
Business Ideas vs. Business
Opportunity Assessment – Factors,
Micro and Macro Market Environment
Feasibility Study
Business Plan Preparation
Execution of Business Plan
Role of networking in entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs – as problem solvers
Innovations and Entrepreneurial Ventures – Global and Indian
Role of Technology – E-commerce and Social Media
Social Entrepreneurship Concept
Risk Taking-Concept; types of business risks
Unit 5: Understanding the Market Unit 6: Business Finance and Arithmetic

Market; Concept & Types
Market Research – Concept, Importance and Process Marketing Mix

Unit of Sale, Unit Price and Unit Cost -for single product or service
Types of Costs – Startup, Variable and Fixed
Income Statement
Cash flow Projections
Break-Even Analysis – for single Product or service
Unit 7: Resource Mobilization
Types of Resources – Human, Capital and Entrepreneurial tools and resources
Selection and utilization of human resources and professionals like
Accountants, Lawyers, Auditors, Board Members, etc.
Estimating Financial Resources requirement
Methods of meeting the financial requirements – Debt vs. Equity
Size and capital based classification of business enterprises.

Class 11 Entrepreneurship Syllabus in PDF 2024-25

Here in this Section, we have mentioned the Class 11 Entrepreneurship Syllabus in pdf format with an exam pattern. Students can check the Entrepreneurship Syllabus in pdf for the academic year 2024-25.

CBSE 11 Study Materials

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