[Syllabus Changed] CBSE Class 2 Hindi Syllabus 2024-25 Session

The CBSE Class 2 Hindi Syllabus for the academic session 2024-25 has been updated. Students are encouraged to review the revised syllabus recently uploaded to the website.


Before discussing the CBSE Class 2 Hindi Syllabus Overview, we shall look into Complete Details such as Useful Resources, Videos, and Syllabus.

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CBSE Class 2 Hindi New Syllabus (सा‍रंगी) 2024-25

Understanding the basics of Hindi, Grammar, and the use of Varnamala is the major area of concern for Class 2 Hindi Subject. Let us now discuss the CBSE Class 2 Hindi Syllabus with topics to be covered.

इकाई 1 परिवार
अध्याय 1नीमा की दादी
अध्याय 2घर
अध्याय 3माला की चाँदी की पायल
अध्याय 4माँ
अध्याय 5थाथू और मै
अध्याय 6 चींटा
अध्याय 7टिल्‍लू जी
*नटखट दिवाकर
इकाई 2 रंग ही रंग
अध्याय 8तीन दोस्‍त
अध्याय 9दुनिया रंग-बिरंगी
अध्याय 10कौन
अध्याय 11बैंगनी जोज
अध्याय 12तोसिया का सपना
इकाई 3 हरी-भरी धरती
अध्याय 13तालाब
अध्याय 14बीज
अध्याय 15किसान
अध्याय 16 मूली
अध्याय 17बरसात और मेंढक
*उठो उठो
इकाई 4मित्रता
अध्याय 18शेर और चूहे की दोस्ती
अध्याय 19आउट
*खेल सन्‍ध्‍या
अध्याय 20छुपन-छुपाई
अध्याय 21हाथी साइकिल चला रहा था
इकाई 5आकाश
अध्याय 22चार दिशाएँ
अध्याय 23चंदा मामा
अध्याय 24गिरे ताल में चंदा मामा
अध्याय 25 सबसे बड़ा छाता
अध्याय 26बादल
*फ‍िर फुर्र!

CBSE CBSE Class 2 Hindi Old Syllabus

1.ऊँट चला
2.भालू ने खेली फुटबॉल
3.म्याऊँ, म्याऊँ !!
4.अधिक बलवान कौन?
5.दोस्त की मदद
6.बहुत हुआ
7.मेरी किताब
8.तितली और कली
10.मीठी सारंगी
11.टेसू राजा बीच बाजार
12.बस के नीचे बाघ
13.सूरज जल्दी आना जी
14.नटखट चूहा

CBSE Class 2 Hindi Syllabus Explained in Video

Here in this session, we provide a video about CBSE Class 2 Hindi Syllabus, and you can see subject-related videos on our Youtube channel.

Class 2 Hindi Useful Resources

Below we have mentioned the updated CBSE Class 2 Hindi Study Material. Students can download the complete Subject in PDF Format for practice purposes.

Class 2 Hindi SyllabusClass 2 Hindi Revision Worksheet
Class 2 Hindi BooksClass 2 Hindi Class Test Worksheet
Class 2 Hindi WorksheetsClass 2 Hindi Activity Worksheet
Class 2 Hindi Question BanksClass 2 Hindi Practice Worksheet
Class 2 Hindi Sample PapersClass 2 Hindi Printable Worksheet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the syllabus for CBSE Class 2?

The syllabus for CBSE Class 2 includes subjects such as Mathematics, English, Hindi, Environmental Studies, and General Knowledge.

How are students evaluated in CBSE Class 2?

Students in CBSE Class 2 are evaluated through continuous assessments, homework, class participation, projects, assignments, and written and oral examinations.

Is NCERT running the school in the Country?

NCERT does not run educational institutions. CBSE runs institutions and prescribes NCERT books for its courses.

What is the full form of NCERT?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organisation of the Government of India which was established in 1961 as a literary, scientific and charitable Society under the Societies Registration Act (Act XXI of 1860).

What Hindi Subject in Class 2?

Hindi is an important subject taught in primary classes. This subject helps children understand how things work and how to interact with their surroundings.

What are the minimum passing marks for CBSE Class 2?

There is no minimum passing mark for CBSE Class 1 as it focuses on building a strong foundation in the subjects rather than scoring high marks.

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