[Updated] CBSE Class 3 English NCERT Solutions 2024-25 Session in PDF

Hello Students In this article, we have discussed the CBSE Class 3 English NCERT Solutions. NCERT Solutions are most beneficial, especially for the preparation of school as well as competitive level examinations. Classes 3 to 12 students need to have a great practice of all the concepts and one of the best ways to achieve the same is through NCERT Solution.

This article has cleared up all the detailed solutions of NCERT textbooks’ questions in PDF format. You can download the Class 3 English NCERT Solution in PDF, which is Free.


Before discussing the CBSE Class 3 English NCERT Solutions, let’s check the short summary.

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CBSE Class 3 English NCERT Solutions

Below we have mentioned the CBSE Class 3 English NCERT Solutions. Students have checked the complete English NCERT solutions in PDF for a great score in the final examination.

CBSE Class  English Honeysuckle (Prose) NCERT Solutions

S.No.Chapter Name
1The Magic Garden
2Nina and The Baby Sparrows
3The Enormous Turnip
4A  Little Fish Story
5The Yellow Butterfly
6The Story Of The Road
7Little Tiger, Big Tiger
8My Silly Sister
9He is My Brother
10The Ship of the Desert

CBSE Class 3 English (Poem) NCERT Solutions

S.No.Chapter Name
1Poem – Good Morning
2Poem – Bird Talk
3Poem – Little by Little
4Poem – Sea Song
5Poem – The Balloon Man
6Poem – Trains
7Poem – Puppy And I
8Poem – What’s in the Mailbox?
9Poem – Don’t Tell

Class 3 English (Marigold) NCERT NCERT Solutions

Book Name
Class 3 English (Marigold) NCERT Solution

CBSE Class 3 English Syllabus 2024-25

Understanding the basics of English, grammar and the use of the alphabet are the major areas of concern for class 3 English subjects. Let us now discuss the CBSE Class 3 English syllabus with topics to be covered and the month assigned.

Class 3 English New Syllabus (Santoor)

S.No.Chapter Name
2Badal and Moti
3Best Friends
4Out in the Garden
5Talking Toys
6Paper Boats
7The Big Laddoo
8Thank God
9Madhu’s Wish
11Chanda Mama Counts
the Stars

Class 3 English Old Syllabus (Marigold)

UnitChapter Name
1.Good Morning
The Magic Garden
2.Bird Talk
Nina and the Baby Sparrows
3.Little by Little
The Enormous Turnip
4.Sea Song
A Little Fish Story
5.The Balloon Man
The Yellow Butterfly
The Story of the Road
7.Puppy and I
Little Tiger, Big Tiger
8.What’s in the Mailbox?
My Silly Sister
9.Don’t Tell
He is My Brother
10.How Creatures Move
The Ship of the Desert

Class 3 English Merigold Syllabus Explained in Video

Here in this session, we provide a video about the Class 3 English syllabus; you can see subject-related videos on our YouTube channel.

Class 3 English Useful Resources

Below we have mentioned the updated CBSE Class 3 English Study Material. Students can download the complete Subject in PDF Format for practice purposes.

English Study MaterialEnglish Study Material
Class 3 English SyllabusClass 3 English Activity Worksheet
Class 3 English BooksClass 3 English Revision Worksheet
Class 3 English WorksheetsClass 3 English Printable Worksheet
Class 3 English Question BankClass 3 English Class Test Worksheet
Class 3 English Sample PapersClass 3 English Practice Worksheet
Class 3 English NCERT SolutionClass 3 English Periodic Test
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