Download CBSE Class 5 English Periodic Test 2024-25 Session in PDF

Hello Students In this article, We have discussed the English Periodic Test for Class 5. It is most beneficial, especially for the preparation for a school exam. Classes 5 students need to have a great practice of all the concepts, and one of the best ways to achieve the same is through Sample Papers. This article can get the CBSE Class 5 English Periodic Test in pdf format, which is free. Check out all information about class 5 study material, like Syllabus, worksheets, sample papers, holiday homework etc.

Class 5 English Periodic Test Overview

Before discussing the English Periodic Test for Class 5 in PDF, let’s check the summary.


BoardCBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
CategoryPeriodic Test
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Class 5 English Syllabus Explained in Video

Here in this session, we provide the video about the Class 5 Hindi syllabus; you can see subject related more videos on our Youtube channel.

CBSE Class 5 English Syllabus 2024-25

Understanding the basics of English, grammar and use of alphabets are the major areas of concern for class 5 English subject. Let us now discuss the CBSE Class 5 English syllabus with topics to be covered and the month assigned.

Class 5 English Marigold Syllabus

UnitChapter Name
1.Ice-cream Man Wonderful Waste!
2.Teamwork Flying Together
3.My Shadow Robinson Crusoe Discovers a footprint
4.Crying My Elder Brother
5.The Lazy Frog Rip Van Winkle
6.Class Discussion The Talkative Barber
7.Topsy-turvy Land Gulliver’s Travels
8.Nobody’s Friend The Little Bully
9.Sing a Song of People Around the World
10.Malu Bhalu Who Will be Ningthou?

Class 5 English Periodic Test

NOTE: The links given below for Download Class 5 English Periodic Test in pdf format 

Example Of Class 5th Periodic Test

Example Of Class 5th Periodic Test
English Periodic TestDownload Here English Periodic TestDownload Here
Periodic Test – 1Click HerePeriodic Test – 6Click Here
Periodic Test – 2Click HerePeriodic Test – 7Click Here
Periodic Test – 3Click HerePeriodic Test – 8Click Here
Periodic Test – 4Click HerePeriodic Test – 9Click Here
Periodic Test – 5Click HerePeriodic Test – 10Click Here

Class 5 English Useful Resources

Below we have mentioned the CBSE Class 5 English Useful Resources. Students can check these links to know more about the study material.

English Study MaterialLink HereEnglish Study MaterialLink Here
SyllabusClick HereEnglish Activity worksheetClick Here
BooksClick HereEnglish Revision worksheetClick Here
NCERT SolutionsClick HereEnglish Practice worksheetClick Here
WorksheetsClick HereEnglish Printable worksheetClick Here
Question PapersClick HereEnglish Periodic TestClick Here
Sample PapersClick HereEnglish Holiday HomeworkClick Here

What is CBSE Class 5 Activity Worksheet

CBSE Class 5 Activity Worksheet is a document created by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) that contains various activities for students to engage in, to reinforce and apply the concepts they have learned in class.

How are CBSE Class 5 Activity Worksheets created?

CBSE Class 5 Activity Worksheets are created by subject matter experts and teachers who have extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields. They ensure that the activities are relevant, engaging, and aligned with the learning objectives of the curriculum.

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