Download CBSE Class 9 Science Revision Notes 2024-25 Session in PDF

Class 9 Science Revision Notes are provided here to familiarise you with each Class 9 Science topic. As it becomes difficult to balance every subject with the increasing study load, it is imperative to have detailed solutions along with them. These Revision Notes can give aspiring students the edge. All the tips and preparation material is present here for the students. That’s why we are providing Class 9 Science Revision Notes for practice purposes for the students.


Before we discuss the Class 9 Science Revision Notes, let us check the CBSE Class 9 Summary. Below, we have mentioned the complete CBSE Class 9 Summary. The student is advised to check out to complete the summary.

BoardCBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
CategoryRevision Notes
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Class 9 Free E-BookClick Here
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Class 9 Science Revision Notes

Below we have mentioned the CBSE Class 9 Science Revision notes. Students have to download the complete Class 9 Science Revision Notes in pdf for a great score in the final examination.

Example For Revision Notes


NOTE: The links given below for Download Class 9 Science Revision Notes in pdf format.

ChapterChapter NameDownload Here
1.Matter in Our SurroundingsClick Here
2.Is Matter Around Us PureClick Here
3.Atoms and MoleculesClick Here
4.Structure of the AtomClick Here
5.The Fundamental Unit of LifeClick Here
6.TissuesClick Here
7.Diversity in Living OrganismsClick Here
8.MotionClick Here
9.Force and Laws of MotionClick Here
10.GravitationClick Here
11.Work and EnergyClick Here
12.SoundClick Here
13.Why Do We Fall IllClick Here
14.Natural ResourcesClick Here
15.Improvement in Food ResourcesClick Here

CBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus 2024-25

Check out the latest CBSE NCERT Science Syllabus for Class 9. The syllabus is for the academic year 2024-25. First of all, check the CBSE Class 9 Science Exam Pattern. Students should check the complete syllabus and exam pattern with the marking scheme.

Class 9 Science Exam Pattern

Here in this Section, we have mentioned the Class 9 Science Exam Pattern. Students can check the Class 9 Science Exam Pattern for the academic year 2024-25.

Unit No.UnitMarks Periods
IMatter- Its Nature and Behaviour2350
IIOrganization in the Living World2045
IIIMotion, Force and Work2760
IVOur Environment0615
VFood: Food Production0410
Internal Assessment20—-
Grand Total100—-

Brief Review

Below, we have mentioned the CBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus in briefly describing the complete information regarding the Science Syllabus For 9 Class Students. Students are advised to check the Complete Science for 9 Classes.

Unit I: Matter- Nature and BehaviourUnit II: Organization in the Living World
Nature of MatterParticle nature,  basic unitsStructure of atomsCells- Basic Units of LifeTissues, Organs, Organ System, OrganismBiological DiversityHealth and Diseases
Unit III: Motion, Force and WorkUnit IV: Our Environment
MotionForce and Newton’s lawsGravitationFloatationWork, energy and power SoundPhysical Resources Bio-geo chemical cycles in nature
Unit V: Food Production——-

NOTE:- To know more about the Class 9 Science Syllabus Click Here

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