[Syllabus Changed] CBSE Class 11 Agriculture Syllabus for New Academic Session 2024-2025 in PDF

The CBSE Class 11th Agriculture Syllabus for the academic session 2024-25 has been updated. Students are encouraged to review the revised syllabus recently uploaded to the website.


Before discussing the Class 11 Agriculture Syllabus, check the CBSE Class 11 Summary. Below, we have mentioned the complete CBSE Class 11 Summary. The student is advised to check out to complete the summary.

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Class 11 Agriculture Exam Pattern

In this section, we have mentioned the Class 11 Agriculture Exam Pattern. Students can check the Class 1 Agriculture Exam Pattern for the 2024-25 academic year.

Section Units No. of periods Marks
I. Agriculture and Crop Production
  I: Scope and Importance
II: Physical Environment
III: Agriculture Economics and Crop Production
Part B Genetics and Plant Breeding
IV: Genetics and Plant Breeding
30 15
II Livestock Production
V: Scope and Importance
VI: Care and Management
VII: Bio-waste Management and Government Schemes
III Practical 50 30
 Total 220 100


Below we have mentioned the Agriculture Practical Syllabus like which topics to be covered in the practical. students are advised to check the brief review of the Agriculture syllabus Practicals.

Section Units No. of periods Marks
I Part A-Agriculture and Crop Production 30 12
 Part B- Genetics, Plant Breeding, and Microbiology —- —-
II Livestock practical 20 08
Reports of the visit —- 05
Viva-voce —- 05
Total 50 30

Part A – Agriculture and Crop Production

1. Agriculture and Crop Production – Practical

  • Visit a crop field. Identify different crops growing in the field and make a report.
  • Identification of farm implements used for different operations, draw a design of at least 5 implements and make a report.
  • Identification of seeds of different crops.
  • Seed germination test. (two bowls of cereal, two pulses, two vegetables, two flowers)
  • Calculation of cost of production of the wheat crop in one hectare of the land area & prepare a report.
  • Visit an orchard and identify different fruit crops and make a report.
  • Identification of important vegetable crops, prepare a report.
  • Identification of important flower crops.
  • Orchard layout, digging of pits and planting of a sampling of any one fruit crop.
  • Land preparation and sowing of wheat crop seed in the bed.

2. Livestock – Practical

  • Identification of body parts of dairy animals and Poultry.
  • Identification of common breeds of cows, buffaloes and poultry birds.
  • Handling and restraining of animals.
  • Testing of milk fat and SNF.
  • Visit a local veterinary hospital and observe the condition of a sick animal and prepare a report.
  • Compute ration for an animal and poultry and prepare a report.
  • Visit the milk processing plant and an outlet milk and milk products centre. Record the processing and sale of a variety of milk-based products.
  • Identification of feeds, fodder crops, and grasses.
  • Visit Biogas plant.

3. Report on the Visits

  • The student must prepare a report on their visit to different organizations and submit it to the subject teacher for evaluation. The report must contain the student’s original work and observations.
  • Prepare a Herbarium of different crops and weed species. The leaves of the crops and weeds are pressed dried and mounted on the Herbarium sheet.

4. Viva Voce

Students can be asked questions based on:

  • Identification of objects
  • Visit Report analysis.
  • Experiences in their field visits, etc.

NOTE: The syllabus will be updated soon if there are any changes.

Class 11 Agriculture Syllabus in PDF 2024-25

Here in this Section, we have mentioned the Class 11 Agriculture Syllabus in pdf format with an exam pattern. Students can check the Fine Arts (Painting) Syllabus in pdf for 2024-25.

CBSE 11 Study Materials

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