[Updated] CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Paper 2024-25 Session in PDF

Greetings, Students! This article delves into the CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Paper. Students from Classes 6 to 12 need to practice all concepts extensively, and one highly effective method to accomplish this is by utilizing Question Papers/Previous Year Papers.

Question Papers/Previous Year Papers prove immensely advantageous, particularly in preparation for school exams. This article is a valuable resource offering CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Papers in PDF format, free of charge.


Here are the CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Paper provided for your convenience. Students have reviewed the entire Class 6 SST Summary.

SubjectSocial Science
CategoryQuestion Paper
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CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Papers

Below we have mentioned the CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Papers. Students have checked the complete Class 6 SST Question Papers in PDF for a great score in the final examination.

Example of Social Science Question Paper


NOTE: The links are given below for downloading the Class 6 Social Science Question Paper in pdf format.

S. No.Previous Year Question Papers
1.Class 6 Social Science Question Paper 1
2.Class 6 Social Science Question Paper 2
3.Class 6 Social Science Question Paper 3
4.Class 6 Social Science Question Paper 4
5.Class 6 Social Science Question Paper 5

Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper

Below we have mentioned the SST Sample Paper for Class 6. Students have checked the complete Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper in PDF for a great score in the final examination.

S.NoSample Paper
1Social Science Sample Paper SA-2
2Social Science Sample Paper FA-2
3Social Science Sample Paper 1
4Social Science Sample Paper 2
5Social Science Sample Paper 3
6Social Science Sample Paper 4
7Social Science Sample Paper 5

CBSE Class 6 SST Syllabus 2024-25

Understanding the basics of Civics and our ancient History is the major field of concern in the Class 6 SST Syllabus. In Geography, the basics of earth rotation, our stars, planet, mountains etc will be taught. let us have a look at the detailed term wise Class 6 Social Science Syllabus.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1What, Where, How and When?
2From Hunting–Gathering to Growing Food
3In The Earliest Cities
4What Books and Burials Tell Us
5Kingdoms, Kings and the Early Republic
6New Questions and Ideas
7Ashoka, the Emperor Who Gave Up War
8Vital Villages, Thriving Towns
9Traders, Kings and Pilgrims
10New Empires and Kingdoms
11Buildings, Paintings and Books

CBSE Class 6 Geography Syllabus

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1The Earth in the Solar System
2Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes
3Motions of the Earth
5Major Domains of the Earth
6Major Landforms of the Earth
7Our Country-India
8India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife

CBSE Class 6 Social & Political Life Syllabus

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Understanding Diversity
2Diversity and Discrimination
3What is Government?
4Key Elements of a Democratic Government
5Panchayati Raj
6Rural Administration
7Urban Administration
8Rural Livelihoods
9Urban Livelihoods

Class 6 Study Material

We have tried to bring CBSE Class 6 NCERT Study Materials like Syllabus, Worksheet, Sample Paper, NCERT Solutions, Important Books, Holiday Homework, Previous Year Question Papers, etc. You can visit all these important topics by clicking the links given.​

Study Material Study Material
Class 6 Syllabus Class 6 Worksheets
Class 6 BooksClass 6 Sample Papers
Class 6 Exemplar bookClass 6 Previous Year Paper
Class 6 NCERT Solutions Class 6 Study Material
Class 6 Holiday HomeworkClass 6 RS Aggarwal Solutions
Class 6 RD Sharma Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Study With the Class 6th Social Science Syllabus?

The Class 6 Social Science Syllabus can plot an ideal study plan so the students are always ready for their final exams and score good marks to remain ahead of the class. The students are advised to travel through the syllabus before beginning their studies to plan the topics coming up in the exams. They’ll also categorize the identical into easy, moderate, and complex as per their mentality.

What is the syllabus of Class 6 Social Science?

The CBSE Syllabus For Class 6 Social Science is based on one book.

How do you teach Social Science to 6th Class students?

Promote listening skills by telling your Class 6th students and asking them questions about the characters and the plot. Telling the story, rather than reading it, allows you to observe your Class 6 students and see how much of the tale they grasp. Teach sight words.

What are the books for Grade 1?

According to the Class 6 Syllabus, the NCERT Books for Class 6 are – Social Science.

Where will we get the free class 6 study material?

We at Edufever are a Free and Open portal for all students to study with study material; we provide free study material for all classes, such as syllabi, ebooks, worksheets, videos, sample papers, practice papers, NCERT Books, etc.

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