[Updated] CBSE Class 7 Social Science NCERT Solutions 2024-25 Session in PDF

Greetings Students! Today, we delve into the realm of Class 7 Social Science NCERT Solutions. These solutions hold immense value, particularly for school exams and competitive assessments. Students from grades 6 to 12 must solidify their understanding of various concepts, and one highly effective method is by utilizing NCERT Solutions. This article provides comprehensive explanations and solutions to NCERT textbook questions, conveniently available in PDF format. Feel free to download the Class 7 Social Science NCERT Solutions in PDF format, completely free of charge.


Before discussing the CBSE Class 7 Social Science NCERT Solutions, let’s check the short summary.

SubjectSocial Science
CategoryNCERT Solutions
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Class 7 Social Science NCERT Solutions

Below we have mentioned the SST NCERT Solutions. Students have checked the complete Class 7 Social Studies NCERT solutions in PDF for a great score in the final examination.

S.No.Class 7 Social Studies NCERT Solutions
1Class 7 Social Science (History) NCERT Solutions
2Class 7 Social Science (Geography) NCERT Solutions
3Class 7 Social Science (Civics) NCERT Solutions

CBSE Class 7 Social Science Syllabus 2024-25

Understanding the basics of Civics and our ancient History is the major field of concern in the Class 7 SST Syllabus. In geography, the basics of earth rotation, our stars, planets, mountains, etc., will be taught. Let us have a look at the detailed term-wise Syllabus for Class 7 Social Studies.

CBSE Class 7 History Syllabus (Our Pasts II)

S. No.Topic to be Covered
1Tracing Changes through a Thousand Years
2New Kings and Kingdoms
3The Delhi Sultans
4The Mughal Empire
5Rulers and Buildings
6Towns, Traders and Craftsperson
7Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities
8Devotional Paths to the Divine
9The Making of Regional Cultures
10Eighteenth-Century Political Formations

CBSE Class 7 Political Science Syllabus

S. No.Topic to be Covered
1On Equality
2Role of the Government in Health
3How the State Government Works
4Growing up as Boys and Girls
5Women Change the World
6Understanding Media
7Markets Around Us
8A Shirt in the Market
9Struggles for Equality

CBSE Class 7 Geography Syllabus (Our Environment)

S. No.Topic to be Covered
2Inside Our Earth
3Our Changing Earth
6Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
7Human Environment – Settlement, Transport and Communication
8Human-Environment Interactions – The Tropical and the Subtropical Region
9Life in the Deserts
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