2000+ Physics MCQs for NEET 2024: Chapterwise Important Question and Answer

Physics MCQs for NEET UG: In this session, we have curated a set of challenging questions to test your understanding of various topics in physics, which are crucial for medical entrance exams, and mastering their concepts is essential for success. These questions cover a wide array of concepts commonly encountered in the NEET syllabus, from mechanics to electromagnetism, and optics to modern physics. Each question is designed to assess not just your knowledge, but also your ability to apply key principles and solve problems effectively.

These questions, spanning the breadth of physics topics crucial for acing exams like NEET, aim to challenge and refine your understanding. The table provided below categorizes various subjects along with direct links, streamlining your learning process and enhancing your search convenience.

Physics MCQs for NEET 2024 Important Questions and Answers

MCQ on AC GeneratorMCQ on Addition and Subtraction of Vectors
MCQ on Alternating CurrentMCQ on Amperes Law
MCQ on Atoms and NucleiMCQ on Biot
MCQ on BJTMCQ on Conductor and Insulators
MCQ on Conservation and Linear MomentumMCQ on Cyclotron
MCQ on Conservation of Energy and MomentumMCQ on Elastic and Inelastic Collision
MCQ on Current ElectricityMCQ on Electric Charges and Fields
MCQ on DielectricsMCQ on Electric Flux
MCQ on Digital ElectronicsMCQ on Electro Statistics
MCQ on Dual Nature of Matter and RadiationMCQ on Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
MCQ on Electromagnetic WavesMCQ on Electromagnetic Spectrum
MCQ on Equilibrium of ForcesMCQ on Fibre Optics
MCQ on First Law of MotionMCQ on Fundamentals of Vector
MCQ on Horizontal Projectile MotionMCQ on Inductance
MCQ on Junction TransistorMCQ on Kepler’s Law
MCQ on KinematicsMCQ on Kirchhoffs Law
MCQ on LamiMCQ on Laws of Motion
MCQ on Logic GatesMCQ on Magnetism
MCQ on Mass DefectMCQ on Mirror Formula
MCQ on Motion in a Straight LineMCQ on Motion of Connected Bodies
MCQ on Moving Coil GalvanometerMCQ on Non-Uniform Circular Motion
MCQ on Nuclear Fission and Nuclear FusionMCQ on Ohms Law
MCQ on Optical InstrumentMCQ on Optical Microscope
MCQ on OpticsMCQ on Oscillation
MCQ on Oscillation and WavesMCQ on Oscillator
MCQ on Perfectly Inelastic CollisionMCQ on Photodiode
MCQ on Photoelectric EffectMCQ on Photometry
MCQ on Physical World and MeasurementMCQ on Physics Thermodynamics
MCQ on PN Junction DiodeMCQ on Radio Wave Propagation
MCQ on Prism Thoery and Dispersion of LightMCQ on Radioactivity
MCQ on Ray OpticsMCQ on Relative Velocity
MCQ on RLC CircuitMCQ on Second Law of Motion
MCQ on Semiconductor DeviceMCQ on Semiconductior Diode
MCQ on Series and Parallel CircuitsMCQ on Surface Tension
MCQ on Third Law of MotionMCQ on Transistor
MCQ on Tunnel DiodeMCQ on Uniform Circular Motion
MCQ on Valve ElectronicsMCQ on Viscosity
MCQ on Voltage RegulatorsMCQ on Waves Optics
MCQ on Work done by Constant ForceMCQ on Work Done by Variables
MCQ on Work, Energy and PowerMCQ on Impedance
MCQ on Electromotive Force

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many questions are asked from physics in NEET?

Physics typically consists of 45 questions out of a total of 180 questions in NEET.

Which topics are covered in physics for NEET?

NEET Physics syllabus covers Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Optics, Electricity & Magnetism, Modern Physics, and others.

Are numerical questions asked in NEET physics?

Yes, NEET Physics includes numerical problems. Students should be well-versed in both conceptual understanding and numerical problem-solving.

Is it necessary to solve additional books apart from NCERT for NEET physics?

While NCERT books are highly recommended and sufficient for conceptual clarity, solving additional reference books can provide more practice and exposure to different question patterns.

Is it necessary to remember all the formulas for NEET physics?

Yes, remembering formulas is crucial for solving numerical problems efficiently. Create formula sheets and revise them regularly to keep them fresh in memory.

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