Top ITI Courses One Should Do Just After 10th

Our team created this article to address one of Google’s most commonly searched questions: “Top ITI Courses One Should Do Just After 10th.” The concept of Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) dates back to 1950. After India gained independence, there was a significant shortage of technical craftsmen and skilled junior workers needed to support engineering projects.

Industrial Training Centers were widely opened under the Craftsmen Training Scheme and with the supervision of the Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Consequently, training programs in various ITI courses were started. The idea was to provide some of the best technical courses after the 10th under one common roof.

Today ITI covers Training programs in more than 130 different specializations. Furthermore, it became one of the most sought-after 10th courses in India. The minimum periods for various ITI Courses range from six months to two years. The minimum eligibility may range from 8th to 10th class pass. Upon completion of the training, trainees write the All India Trade Test (AITT) and successful candidates then receive the National Trade Certificate (NTC). In this article, we will discuss the top 12 ITI courses. After the 10th pass, one can opt for a promising career.

Interior Decoration and design

In the world, designing has emerged as one of the best career options after the 10th course. It’s the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a space or building to achieve a pleasing environment for the end user. An interior designer plans, researches, and manages various projects given by end-users. The course could be one year long, and one has to be 10th passed to get enrolled in this course. After successfully completing the course, you can be hired by some big names in the design industry as an assistant. You can also set up your own Interior Decoration and design firm after a few years of experience.

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Architectural Draughtsmanship

An Architecture Draughtsman is a professional who prepares technical drawings and dimensions based on their design. In short, they are the junior assistant of chief architects. This course will allow you to start your career in the architectural profession. You can get a diploma and a B. Arch Degree to become a full-time Architect. To get enrolled in the course, you need to be 10th passed. The way urbanization is taking place, the job prospects after this ITI course after the 10th are great.


Turner can turn your dreams into reality and can become a trump card in your career. Turner is a person who is skilled in turning wood on a lathe. The duration of the course is two years and to apply for this course you need to be 10th passed. After successfully completing the course, one can be quickly hired by companies like SAIL, GAIL, Goa Shipyard, etc.

Computer Operator and Programming Assistant

Want to become a full-fledged computer professional..? Then no doubt this computer course after the 10th is for you only. The course covers all the essential details about computer architecture, its hardware, basic coding and other related stuff. In the world of computers, where everybody wants to learn about the computer, this course will solidify your position in this cut-throat competitive environment.

The course duration for computer operator and programming assistant is just one year, and you have to be 10th passed to gain admission into this course.


The career aspects of an Electrician need no introduction. As an Electrician, you check the electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines, and related equipment. An electrician can be hired to install new electrical components or maintain and repair existing electrical infrastructure. To become an Electrician, you need to be a 10th passed.


Have you ever seen a person holding a camera and a tripod and measuring the length and breadth of a road..? Yes, we all did..!! Surveyors are the professionals who determine a particular point’s terrestrial or three-dimensional position and the distances and angles between them for various spurposes.

A Surveyor is usually hired to establish land maps and boundaries for ownership or locations of different objects for building or other purposes required by government or civil law, such as property and land sales. This one-year ITI course after the 10th has become a rage in recent times. The course eligibility is 10th passed.

Baker and Confectioner

We all love to eat cookies and confectionaries. Don’t we..?. But have you ever thought of the person behind it? A baker or confectioner makes delicious sweet desserts like cake, pastry, cookies, etc, that we all love to eat. The ITI course for Bakers and confectioners is one year long,; to enrol in this course, you only needs a 10th pass certificate. After completing these courses after the 10th, you can get a job in the varBakeryakery, or even start yourBakeryakery.

Mechanic (Diesel)

If you ask ten people about which ITI course you want to enrol in for a successful career, thenn almost 6 of them will promptly reply Diesel Mechanic. The reason..? Once you complete your course,, you canapply for various jobs offered by railway and other government organizations.

As a diesel mechanic, your job would be to maintain Diesel-related equipment like generators, engines, etc. The ITI course for mechanic diesel is one year long, and you just have to be 8th pass to do this course.

Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)

India is changing, and so is our lifestyle. We all become a slave to the machine for our comfort, which results in an exponential rise in Motors such as two-wheelers and four-wheelers. The job of Motor vehicle mechanic is at an all-time high and best suited for low-skilled professionals. To get admission in these ITI courses after the 10th, you have to be 8th or 10th passed. The course duration may vary to 2 years.

Network Technician

Computer Network Technicians are technology professionals engaged in various businesses to build and troubleshoot computer network problems like setting up a network, fixing issues with routers and switches and troubleshooting multiple aspects related to Network topology. The Network Technician courses can vary from just six months to a two year two diploma program. You need to be 10th passed to apply for this course.

Mechanic Computer Hardware

Now, what to say about these ITI courses after the 10th class? As Computer hardware, your sole responsibility is to fix and repair computer hardware and related stuff. Computer hardware professionals are in high demand for private and government-level work. The course duration may exceed 2 years of the diploma program with minimum eligibility of 10th pass.

After successfully completing the course, you can apply for various organizations with a starting salary of about 10k, or even set up your computer repair centre.

Mechanical Fitters

Mechanical fitters are professionals who use tools and engineering techniques to maintain and repair mechanical plants, such as machinery and other equipment, to operational standards. As a Mechanical Fitter, your work is to identify and thus repair/replace the defective or worn mechanical components or equipment of a Mechanical plant.

The job prospects for this course is excellent and every year a lot of filters are constantly being hired by some of the leading government and private organization. To enrol in this course you have to be a 10th pass.

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