Career in Environmental Science in India: Eligibility, Courses, Colleges, Scope, Jobs, Salary etc.

Career in Environmental Science in India: Ever pondered the consequences of diminishing water or tree resources, or the potential challenges posed by a rapidly growing human population? These are some intriguing aspects of the Environmental Science field. As our world undergoes rapid transformations, not all of them are favorable to the planet’s inhabitants. Environmental Science equips individuals with the knowledge to understand these changes and take essential actions.

While many perceive Environmental Science as primarily rooted in natural sciences, its broad and intricate nature incorporates elements from humanities and social sciences. If you aspire to become an Environmental Scientist and are curious about where to begin, read on.”

Quick Facts

The following is a summary of an environmental science course.

Course NameCertificate Courses in Environmental Science
B.Sc. in Environmental Science
M.Sc. in Environmental Science
M.Tech. in Environmental Science
Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science
M.Phil. in Environmental Science
DurationUG: 3 years
PG: 2 years
Types of EnvironmentalistEnvironmental Specialist, Environmental Science Teacher, Marine Biologist, Environmental Technician, Environmental Chemist
Top Recruiting CompaniesAECOM Technology Corporation, Earth-Water Limited, Nalco Water India Ltd., Swelect Energy Systems Ltd., Paramount Ltd.

What is Environmental Science?

Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary field that studies the interactions between the natural environment and human society. It encompasses ecology, biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology, and social sciences to understand and address environmental issues. Environmental scientists work to analyze, manage, and mitigate factors such as pollution, biodiversity loss, climate change, and human impact on ecosystems to promote sustainable practices and preserve the health of the planet.

Who is an Environmental Scientist?

An environmental scientist is a professional who specializes in the field of Environmental Science. These individuals study the interactions between the environment and human activities, aiming to understand, analyze, and address environmental issues. Environmental scientists often work on projects related to pollution control, conservation, climate change, sustainable resource management, and other aspects that impact the health of the planet. Their work involves research, data collection, analysis, and the development of solutions to promote environmental sustainability and mitigate adverse impacts on ecosystems.

Difference Between Environmental Scientists and Environmentalists

The terms “environmental scientists” and “environmentalists” refer to distinct roles and perspectives within the environmental field:

ParticularsEnvironmental ScientistsEnvironmentalists
RoleEnvironmental scientists are professionals who study the natural environment, analyzing the interactions between various components like air, water, soil, and living organisms.Environmentalists are individuals who advocate for the protection of the environment and promote sustainable practices.
FocusThey conduct research to understand environmental issues, assess pollution levels, study ecosystems, and develop solutions to address environmental challenges.They may work in policy advocacy, community outreach, education, or activism to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage conservation efforts.
SkillsEnvironmental scientists often have backgrounds in disciplines such as biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, or meteorology.Environmentalists may come from diverse backgrounds and may not necessarily have formal scientific training. They often rely on communication, education, and advocacy skills.
ApplicationThey work in fields such as research, consulting, government agencies, and industries to provide scientific insights and solutions.Environmentalists can be involved in non-profit organizations, grassroots movements, education, or policy advocacy to drive positive environmental change.

Various Environmental Science Courses in India

To work as an Environmental Scientist or to make a career in Environmental Science, one can earn a degree in the following Environmental Science courses that are listed below:

Certificate Courses in Environmental ScienceA few months to one year
B.Sc. in Environmental Science3 years
M.Sc. in Environmental Science2 years
M.Tech. in Environmental Science2 years
Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science1 year
M.Phil. in Environmental Science2 years

Admission Procedure

In this section, readers will learn about the admission procedure for the environmental course:

  • For Undergraduate courses, students must have passed the 10+2 examination with Science subjects (Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry).
  • Students should have a bachelor’s degree in science subjects for admission to postgraduate courses.

Eligibility Criteria

To take admission in any course, there are certain eligibility criteria which interested candidates have to follow. Similarly, there are certain eligibility criteria aspiring candidates must remember while choosing an environmental course as a career.

Eligibility Criteria for UG

The following are the eligibility criteria for the environmental science course:

Age LimitThe minimum age limit is 17 years.
Qualification10+2 with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in the science stream
Qualifying Entrance ExamCG PAT, IISER IAT, OUAT, GSAT, BHU UET, NEST 

Eligibility Criteria for PG

The following are the eligibility criteria for the environmental science course:

Qualification BSc or BSc Honors degree 
Qualifying MarksMinimum of 50% aggregate marks in BSc

Top Colleges for Environmental Science

The following are the top colleges for environmental science with average fees:

College NameLocationAverage Fees
Fergusson CollegeMumbaiINR 11.13 K
PSG College of Arts and ScienceCoimbatoreINR 7K
MCC BangaloreBangaloreINR 42K
St Xavier’s CollegeAhmedabadINR 9.98K
Ramanujan collegeNew DelhiINR 22.5K

Job Opportunities for Environmental Science

Many sectors offer rewarding, challenging and well-paying job opportunities for Environmentalists. An Environmental Scientist can work as an Environmental consultant, education officer, manager, nature conservation officer, recycling officer, waste management officer, sustainability consultant, water quality scientist, plant operator, lab technician, air emission tester, wind power analyst, environmental engineer etc.

Being an Environmental Scientist, one can work in various departments like agriculture, water, windmill, ecology, bioinformatics, zoology, climatology, archaeology, anthropology etc.

Job Profile

The following are the job profile for the environmental science course:

Environmental SpecialistEnvironmental Science Teacher
Marine BiologistEnvironmental Technician
Environmental ChemistWildlife Biologist
Environmental GeologistEnvironmental Consultant
Environmental Health and Safety OfficerMeteorologist

Role of an Environmental Scientist

The following are the roles of an environmental scientist:

  • Collecting data from reliable sources
  • Creating budgets for projects
  • Creating plans to fix an area’s problems
  • Interpret data to find issues
  • Create scientific reports and presentations
  • Conduct tests in the lab with samples from the environment
  • Audit companies that are not in compliance with regulations
  • Create models of the environment

Skills for Environmental Scientists

The following are the skills of an environmental scientist:

  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • An investigative mind
  • Observation skills and critical thinking
  • Innovative thinking
  • Good with statistics
  • Commercial awareness

Average Salary

The following are the average salary for a career in environmental science:

Job ProfileAverage Salary
Environmental JournalistINR 3-4 LPA
Environment PhotographerINR 3-4 LPA
Conservation HydrologistINR 4-6 LPA
Waste Management AssociateINR 5-6 LPA
Catastrophe ModelerINR 5-6 LPA

Recruiting Companies

The following are the recruiting sector for environmental science courses:

AECOM Technology CorporationEarth-Water Limited
Nalco Water India Ltd.Swelect Energy Systems Ltd.
Paramount Ltd.Gujarat Enviro Protection and Infrastructure Ltd.
Aquatech Systems Asia Private Ltd.Enviro Control Associates India Private. Ltd.
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