2000+ Biology MCQs for NEET UG 2024: Chapterwise Important Question and Answer

Biology MCQs for NEET UG: Experts outline a list of articles suggesting the most important concepts for NEET exams, covering all three subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) as per the NEET UG syllabus. The table below directs you to corresponding topics where detailed articles, along with MCQs, are provided for a smooth, effortless searching experience.

Before proceeding to solve NEET question papers or attempting mock tests, ensure coverage of basic concepts in NEET and solve sample questions from past exams. Previous year subject and chapter-wise questions for NEET UG offer reliable study material encompassing all important topics and chapters. Incorporating these into your study plan will undoubtedly enhance preparation and lead to high scores in NEET.

Biology MCQs for NEET 2024 Important Question and Answer

MCQ on ArthropodaMCQ on Ureotelism
MCQ on PredatorsMCQ on Hepatitis
MCQ on TuberculosisMCQ on Plague
MCQ on DialysisMCQ on Indigestion
MCQ on Growth HormonesMCQ on Ringworm
MCQ on Cellular RespirationMCQ on Hypothalamus
MCQ on FilariasisMCQ on Prions
MCQ on SericultureMCQ on Vermiculture
MCQ on Funaria and RicciaMCQ on Respiratory Quotient
MCQ on AvesMCQ on Chemiosmotic Hypothesis
MCQ on FaunaMCQ on Speciation
MCQ on Leg BonesMCQ on Lymphocytes
MCQ on Saturated FatMCQ on Phylogeny
MCQ on TransductionMCQ on EMP Pathway
MCQ on PinusMCQ on Peristalsis
MCQ on MacronutrientsMCQ on Sex Determination
MCQ on New CropsMCQ on Alcoholism
MCQ on Pteridium Pteris DryopterisMCQ on Selaginella
MCQ on Class AmphibiaMCQ on Class Pisces
MCQ on GoutMCQ on Diffusion
MCQ on Animal TissuesMCQ on Homeostasis
MCQ on EmbryologyMCQ on Tissue Culture
MCQ on CytoskeletonMCQ on ABA and Other Growth Regulators
MCQ on Linkage And Crossing OverMCQ on Multiple Allelism
MCQ on MycoplasmaMCQ on Floral Formula
MCQ on Regulation of Gene Expression in EukaryotesMCQ on Hardy Weinberg Law
MCQ on GymnospermMCQ on Phylum Aschelminthes
MCQ on LamarckismMCQ on Apoptosis
MCQ on Manures and FertilizersMCQ on Mitochondria
MCQ on Greenhouse EffectMCQ on Pancreas
MCQ on Global WarmingMCQ on Ozone Layer Depletion
MCQ on Biomass EnergyMCQ on Ecological Succession
MCQ on Skeletal TissueMCQ on Infertility
MCQ on Morphology of RatMCQ on Vascular Tissues
MCQ on Conservation of Natural ResourcesMCQ on Implantation and Gastrulation
MCQ on Male Reproductive SystemMCQ on Cleavage Biology
MCQ on Female Reproductive SystemMCQ on Fertilization
MCQ on Endoplasmic Reticulum and GolgiBodyMCQ on Plasma Membrane
MCQ on Energy RequirementMCQ on Internal Structure of Root Stem and Leaf
MCQ on Salivary GlandsMCQ on Hormonal Control Digestion
MCQ on Diseases Caused by BacteriaMCQ on Diseases Caused By Viruses
MCQ on Diseases Caused by HelminthsMCQ on Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Diseases
MCQ on Diseases Caused by ProtozoaMCQ On Self Evaluation Test Human Health and Disease
MCQ On Photoperiodism and VernalizationMCQ On Arthritis and Cancer
MCQ on Method of Birth ControlMCQ on Yeast and Albugo
MCQ on Plant MovementMCQ on Archaebacteria
MCQ on Heterotrophic NutritionMCQ on Blood Groups
MCQ on OsmoregulationMCQ on Plastids
MCQ on ChloroplastsMCQ on Regeneration
MCQ on BioremediationMCQ on Apoplast
MCQ on Structure of EarMCQ on Auxin
MCQ on BryophytaMCQ on Amino Acids
MCQ on PeroxisomesMCQ on Lichens
MCQ on Food AdulterationMCQ on Porifera
MCQ on Double CirculationMCQ on Neuron Nerve Impulse
MCQ on AmoebaMCQ on Coelenterata
MCQ on Gibberellin in PlantsMCQ on Famine
MCQ on Allosteric EnzymeMCQ on Epiphytes
MCQ on Polygenic InheritanceMCQ on Lac Operon
MCQ on SpirogyraMCQ on Ketogenesis
MCQ on PenicilliumMCQ on Volvox
MCQ on CoelomMCQ on Dinoflagellates
MCQ on NucleolusMCQ on Kranz Anatomy
MCQ on PlasmidMCQ on Protozoa
MCQ on Connective TissueMCQ on Reptilia
MCQ on MitosisMCQ on Ascomycetes
MCQ on ChromoplastMCQ on Slime Moulds
MCQ on NostocMCQ on Paramecium
MCQ on NucleotideMCQ on Endosperm
MCQ on RhizopusMCQ on Epithelial Tissue
MCQ on Multinodular GoitreMCQ on Krebs Cycle
MCQ on Parenchyma TissueMCQ on Earthworm Digestive System
MCQ on Transcription in EukaryotesMCQ on Neural Communication
MCQ on Chromosome StructureMCQ on Artificial Hybridization
MCQ on Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism in FemalesMCQ on Stress Hormone
MCQ on ApomixisMCQ on Species Diversity
MCQ on HaemophiliaMCQ on Kingdom Fungi
MCQ on Parts of PlantsMCQ on Biodiversity
MCQ on DNA StructureMCQ on Enzymes
MCQ on Carbon CycleMCQ on Structure of Eye
MCQ on Human BrainMCQ on Ecosystem
MCQ on Life ProcessesMCQ on Seed Germination
MCQ on PteridophytaMCQ on Parthenocarpy
MCQ on Parenchyma CellsMCQ on Amoebiasis
MCQ on ApicultureMCQ on Thalassemia
MCQ on AmniocentesisMCQ on Diversity in Living World
MCQ on Plant SystematicsMCQ on Thyroid Gland
MCQ on Plant TaxonomyMCQ on Coronary Artery
MCQ on ECGMCQ on Muscular Dystrophy
MCQ on MeiosisMCQ on Morphology of a Bacteria
MCQ on FermentationMCQ on Hydroponic System
MCQ on Cell Cycle PhasesMCQ on Plant Hormones
MCQ on Mendelian Disorders in HumansMCQ on Down Syndrome
MCQ on Structural Organization in Plants and AnimalsMCQ on Cell Structure And Function
MCQ on Animal HusbandryMCQ on Microbes in Human Welfare
MCQ on Genetic DiversityMCQ on Plant Physiology
MCQ on AnimaCellMCQ on Spermatogenesis
MCQ on ProtistaMCQ on Lipids
MCQ on Aromatic HydrocarbonsMCQ on Types of Bonding and Forces in Solid
MCQ on Root ModificationsMCQ on Types of Joints
MCQ on Double Fertilization In AngiospermsMCQ on DNA Replication
MCQ on Mendel Laws of InheritanceMCQ on Algae
MCQ on Structure of RNAMCQ on Harmful Microorganisms
MCQ on Central Nervous SystemMCQ on Blood
MCQ on AntibodiesMCQ on Reproduction In Bacteria
MCQ on InvertebratesMCQ on Biofertilizers
MCQ on BiopesticidesMCQ on Polio
MCQ on Sliding Filament TheoryMCQ on Parturition
MCQ on Pest ControlMCQ on Climate
MCQ on Hepatic Portal SystemMCQ on Bacteriophage
MCQ on Human Respiratory SystemMCQ on Thallophyte
MCQ on Alimentary Canal AnatomyMCQ on Human Digestive System
MCQ on Classification of PlantsMCQ on Biosynthesis
MCQ on BioenergyMCQ on Androgens
MCQ on Electron Transport SystemMCQ on Dentition
MCQ on Taxonomy of AngiospermsMCQ on Gut
MCQ on SyconMCQ on Cycas
MCQ on Protein SynthesisMCQ on Sporulation
MCQ on SaprophytesMCQ on Cytokinins
MCQ on MicropropagationMCQ on Marasmus
MCQ on PEMMCQ on Restriction Enzymes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main topics covered in Biology MCQs for NEET?

The Biology MCQs for NEET typically cover topics such as Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology, Human Physiology, Plant Physiology, and Biotechnology

How many questions can one expect from Biology in the NEET exam?

Biology comprises 90 questions out of the total 180 in the NEET exam, making it a significant portion with high-scoring potential.

Are the Biology MCQs for NEET based solely on NCERT textbooks?

While NCERT textbooks serve as the foundation, questions may also encompass additional reference materials, so it’s advisable to have a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

How should one approach practising Biology MCQs for NEET?

It’s essential to thoroughly understand the concepts and then practice a wide range of MCQs to reinforce learning and improve problem-solving skills.

How important is it to review incorrect answers while practising Biology MCQs for NEET?

Reviewing incorrect answers is crucial as it helps identify weak areas, understand mistakes, and reinforce learning to avoid similar errors in the actual exam.

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