[Updated] Counting of 5 LKG Maths Worksheets in PDF

Counting of 5 LKG Maths Worksheets: One of the most popular teaching strategies employed in most classrooms today is Worksheet. worksheets for students have been used by educators to develop logical, lingual, analytical, and problem-solving capabilities. That’s why we are providing Class LKG Maths Worksheets for Counting of 5. Our team specially designs these sets for practice purposes to obtain a great score in the final examination. In this article, we have mentioned some best and appropriate Counting of 5 LKG Maths Worksheets. 


Chapter Name Counting of 5
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Counting of 5 LKG Maths Worksheets

In the junior section, especially in Kindergarten parents are very much concerned about the studies of their children. That’s why we are tried to complied Maths, EVS, English, etc. worksheets for UKG, LKG, and other junior section students. In this segment, we will offer you printable maths worksheets for Counting of 5 to help your ward score great in their learning process.

Counting of 5 Set-1

Counting of 5 LKG Maths Worksheets Explained in Video

Class LKG Mathematics Worksheet in PDF

Here in this session, we are providing the links given below for Download Class LKG Mathematics Worksheet in pdf format.

Big & SmallCount the Objects
Circle the Odd one Out Count the Shapes
Circle the Smaller NumberCounting (0-10)
Color the Object With Bigger NumberCounting And Coloring
Color the Objects According to the NumbersCounting of 2
Color the Odd Ones Counting of 3
Colour and MatchCounting of 4
Colour given Objects in described ColoursCounting of 5
Colour ObjectsCounting of 10
Colours and Numbers Fat and Thin
Count and Circle the Numbers Fill the Missing Number
Count and Circle Find the Missing Numbers
Count and ColourFinding Shapes
Count and JoinIdentifying Circular Shapes Worksheet
Count and MatchIdentifying Rectangular Shapes
Count and WriteIdentifying Square Shapes Worksheets
Count Objects in Each SetIdentifying Triangular Shapes Worksheet
Count the Number of Objects Smallest and Biggest

LKG Mathematics Syllabus

In LKG, the following subjects are being Parents teach children. Apart from these subjects, there might be some other subjects too, which varies from school to school.

ChapterSubject Wise Topics
Shapesa) Identify Circles, Squares and Triangles
b) Identify Squares and Rectangles
Count to 3a) Learn to count (up to 3)
b) Count dots (up to 3)
c) Count shapes (up to 3)
d) Count objects (up to 3)
e) Count on ten frames (up to 3)
f) Show numbers on ten frames (up to 3)
Represent numbers (up to 3)
Count to 5a)earn to count (up to 5)
b) Count dots (up to 5)
c) Count shapes (up to 5)
d) Count objects (up to 5)
e) Count on ten frames (up to 5)
f) Show numbers on ten frames (up to 5)
g) Represent numbers (up to 5)
Count to 10a) Learn to count (up to 10)
b) Count dots (up to 10)
c) Count shapes (up to 10)
d) Count objects (up to 10)
e) Count on ten frames (up to 10)
f) Show numbers on ten frames (up to 10)
g) Represent numbers (up to 10)
Comparinga) Are there enough?
b) Compare groups (fewer or more)
c) Fewer and more – compare by counting
d) Compare in a mixed group
Positionsa) Inside and outside
b) Above and below
c) Beside and next to
d) Left and right
e) Left, middle and right
f) Top and bottom
g)Top, middle and bottom
c) Same and different
d) Classify shapes by colour
e) Classify and sort by colour
f) Classify and sort by shape
Sizea) Long and short
b) Tall and short
c) Light and heavy
d) Wide and narrow
Moneya) Coin values
b) Count 1-rupee coins
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