SRM University Fee Structure (All Campus) 2024-25: UG, PG, Tuition, Hostel Fee, Scholarship etc.

SRM University Fee Structure 2024: Welcome to the ultimate guide on navigating the SRM University fee structure for the year 2024! As prospective students embark on their journey towards higher education, one critical consideration is understanding the financial aspect of attending university. With tuition fees, accommodation costs, and other expenses in the equation, it’s imperative to understand what to expect clearly.

In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the SRM University Fee Structure for 2024, providing you with detailed insights and breakdowns to help you make informed decisions about your academic future. From tuition fees for different programs to accommodation options and additional expenses, we’ll cover it all in an easily understandable format. So, whether you’re a parent planning for your child’s education or a student exploring potential universities, this guide aims to equip you with the necessary information to navigate the financial aspects of attending SRM University in 2024.


Institute NameSRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRM IST) 
Formerly Known AsSRM University 
Established | Type1985 | Private 
Approved byAICTE, UGC
AccreditationIET Engineering, Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, NBA, NAAC with A++ Grade
Programs OfferedUG, PG, Doctoral, Distance Education
Mode of RegistrationOnline and Offline
Top RecruitersAmazon, VM Ware, Google, TCS, Wipro, Amdocs, Capgemini etc

SRM University Fee Structure (All Campus)

Explore the diverse academic offerings of SRM University Fee Structure, which include undergraduate diplomas, B.A. LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., and MCA programs spanning across a plethora of specializations. These programs are available in different streams such as Medicine & Health Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Hospitality & Travel, among others.

B.Tech Programmes offered as MajorsDegree with specialisationKTRRMP**VDP**NCR**AMRHYN
Aerospace EngineeringAerospace Engineering3,75,000NANANANANA
Automobile EngineeringAutomobile with specialisation in Automotive Electronics2,50,000NANANANANA
Automobile Engineering2,50,000NANA1,75,000NANA
Biotechnology with specialisation in Regenerative Medicine2,50,000NANANANANA
Biotechnology with specialisation in Genetic Engineering2,50,000NANANANANA
Biomedical Engineering (BME)Biomedical Engineering (BME)NANANANANA1,50,000
Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering2,50,000NANANANANA
Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering2,50,0001,50,000NA1,75,0002,50,0001,50,000
Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science and Engineering2,50,000*2,00,0002,00,0002,00,0002,50,0001,50,000
CSE with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning2,50,000*2,00,000NANA2,50,000
CSE with Big Data Analysis2,50,000*2,00,000NANA2,50,0002,00,000
CSE with specialisation in Cloud Computing2,50,000*NANANA2,50,000NA
CSE with specialisation in Computer Networking2,50,000*NANANA2,50,000NA
CSE with specialisation in Cyber Security2,50,000*NANANA2,50,000NA
CSE with specialisation in the Internet of Things (IOT)2,50,000*2,00,000NANA2,50,000NA
CSE with Software Engineering2,50,000*NANANANANA
CSE with specialisation in Information Technology2,50,000*NANANANANA
CSE with specialisation in Cloud and Mobile Based Applications (in association with IBM)NANANANANA2,00,00
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringElectrical and Electronics Engineering2,50,0001,50,000NA1,75,0002,50,0001,50,000
Electronics and Communication EngineeringElectronics and Communication Engineering2,50,000*2,00,0001,75,0001,75,0002,50,0001,50,000
ECE with specialisation in Biomedical Engineering2,50,000*NANANANANA
ECE with specialisation in Instrumentation Engineering2,50,000*NANANA2,50,000NA
ECE with specialisation in Embedded SystemsNANANANA2,50,000NA
ECE with specialisation in Signal ProcessingNANANANA2,50,000NA
Information TechnologyInformation TechnologyNA1,50,000NA1,75,000NANA
Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering2,50,000*1,75,0001,75,0002,00,0002,50,0001,50,000
Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in CAD/ CAMNANANANA2,50,000NA
Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in RoboticsNANANANA2,50,000NA
Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Smart ManufacturingNANANANA2,50,000NA
Mechatronics EngineeringMechatronics Engineering with specialisation in Robotics2,50,000NANANANANA
Mechatronics Engineering2,50,000NANANANA1,50,000
Robotics and AutomationRobotics and AutomationNANANANANA1,50,000

SRM University B.Des & B.Arch Fees

B.Des.INR 1,50,000 PAINR 1,25,000 PA
B.Arch.INR 2,75,000 PAINR 2,00,000 (Less than 80% in Boards) 
INR 1,50,000 (Above 80% in Boards)

SRM University UG Fees

UG CoursesAnnual Fees
BA (Hons.) Legum BaccalaureusINR 2,00,000
B.Com (Hons.) Legum BaccalaureusINR 2,00,000
Bachelor of Legum Baccalaureus (Hons.)INR 2,00,000
B. Optom. OptometryINR 1,25,000
B.A.S.L.PINR 2,50,000
B. Pharma.INR 2,00,000
BDSINR 3,90,000
Bachelor of Occupational TherapyINR 1,30,000 + INR 65,000
(Tuition fees during internship)
BPTINR 1,75,000 + INR 87,500
(Tuition fees during internship)
MBBSINR 25,00,000
P.B.B.Sc. NursingINR 60,000
PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy)INR 5,00,000 + INR 5,00,000
(Tuition fees during internship)
BBA/BBA (Hons.)/BBA Digital MarketingINR 1,15,000
Minor Degree Program in ManagementINR 75,000
B.S. PhysicsINR 55,000
B.EdINR 50,000
BCA Computer ApplicationsINR 85,000
BCA Data ScienceINR 95,000
B.S ChemistryINR 55,000
B.S MathematicsINR 55,000
B.S BiotechnologyINR 95,000

SRM University BSc Fees

Programme TypeAnnual Fees
Public HealthINR 1,50,000
Accident & Emergency Care TechnologyINR 50,000
Cardiac Care TechnologyINR 1,25,000
Cardio Perfusion TechnologyINR 1,25,000
Clinical Nutrition and DieteticsINR 50,000
Clinical PsychologyINR 75,000
Critical Care TechnologyINR 75,000
Medical Imaging TechnologyINR 1,25,000
Medical Laboratory TechnologyINR 50,000
Medical Record ScienceINR 50,000
Neuroscience TechnologyINR 50,000
NursingINR 1,00,000
Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia TechnologyINR 1,25,000
Physician AssistantINR 75,000
Renal Dialysis TechnologyINR 9,00,000
Respiratory TherapyINR 75,000
Agriculture (Hons.)INR 2,00,000
Horticulture (Hons.)INR 1,20,000
Economics/Economics (Hons.)INR 35,000
BiotechnologyINR 85,000
ChemistryINR 45,000
Computer ScienceINR 85,000
Defence and Strategic StudiesINR 65,000
Fashion DesigningINR 65,000
Hotel & Catering ManagementINR 80,000
Hotel & Catering Management (Lateral)INR 90,000
MathematicsINR 45,000
Physical Education, Health Education and SportsINR 25,000
PsychologyINR 45,000
Statistics/Statistics (Hons.)INR 35,000
Visual CommunicationINR 1,05,000

SRM University BCom Fees

Programme TypeAnnual Fees
Accounting & FinanceINR 85,000
CommerceINR 85,000
Corporate SecretaryshipINR 75,000
Information System and ManagementINR 75,000
International Accounting & Finance (Hons.)INR 1,30,000
Professional Accounting (Hons.)INR 1,30,000

SRM University BA Fees

Programme TypeAnnual Fees
Psychology, English & Journalism & Mass CommunicationINR 65,000
EnglishINR 45,000
Journalism and Mass CommunicationINR 85,000

SRM University Fee Structure 2023 – Annual Tuition Fee for Science & Humanities Programmes at Undergraduate Level

B.ComAccounting & Finance70,00070,000NANA
Corporate Secretaryship70,000Shift 2: 60,000NANA
General80,000Shift 1: 70,000Shift 2:60,000Shift 1: 80,000Shift 2:70,000NA
Information System and Management50,00050,000NANA
B.Com (Honors)International Accounting and Finance (In Association with ACCA, UK)1,25,000NANANA
Professional Accounting (In Association with CIMA, UK)1,25,000NANANA
Computer Science80,000Shift 1: 70,000Shift 2:60,000Shift 1: 80,000Shift 2:70,00060,000
Fashion Designing50,000NANANA
Film TechnologyNAShift 1:1,50,000NANA
Hotel and Catering Management80,000NANA60,000
Physical Education20,000NANANA
Visual Communication1,00,000Shift 1:85,000Shift 2:75,000NANA
Journalism and Mass Communication80,000NANANA
B.Com LLB (Honours)Bachelor of Commerce and Legum Baccalaureus (Honours)1,50,000NANANA
BA LLB (Honours)Bachelor of Arts and Legum Baccalaureus (Honours)1,50,000NANANA
LLB (Honours)Legum Baccalaureus (Honours)1,50,000NANANA
BCAComputer Applications80,000Shift 1:70,000Shift 2:60,000Shift 1:80,000Shift 2:70,000NA

SRM University PG Fee Structure

M.ArchArchitectural Design1,00,000NANANANANA
M.TechArtificial Intelligence and Machine LearningNANANANA1.50,000NA
M.TechAutomotive Hybrid Systems Engineering60,000NANANANANA
M.TechBig Data Analysis1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechBiomedical Engineering1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechBiotechnology (Pharmaceutical/ Industrial)NANANANANA1,00,000
M.TechChemical Engineering1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechCloud Computing1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechComputer-Aided Design1,60,0001,00,000NANANANA
M.TechComputer Integrated Marketing1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechComputer Science and Engineering1,60,000NANA1,00,0001,50,0001,00,000
M.TechComputer Science and Engineering (with Specialisation Cloud Computing & Mobile Based Application and Big Data & Analytics)NANANANANA1,00,000
M.TechConstruction Engineering and Management1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechCyber SecurityNANANANA1,50,000NA
M.TechElectronics and Control Engineering1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechEmbedded System Technology1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechEnergy SystemsNANANANA1,50,000NA
M.TechEnvironmental Engineering1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechFood and Nutritional Biotechnology1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechFood Safety and Quality Management1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechGenetic Engineering1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechGeotechnical Engineering1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechInformation Security and Cyber Forensics1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechInternet of Things1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechMobile and Pervasive Computing1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechPower Electronics and Drives1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechPower Systems1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechProduction EngineeringNANANANANA1,00,000
M.TechRemote Sensing and Geographical Information System1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechRobotics and AutomationNANANANANA1,00,000
M.TechSolar Energy1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechStructural Engineering1,60,0001,00,000NANANA1,00,000
M.TechTelecommunication Networks1,60,000NANANANANA
M.TechVLSI Design1,60,000NANA1,00,000NANA
M.TechWireless and Mobile Communication Systems1,60,000NANANANANA

Hostel Fee for Engineering & Technology Programmes

The SRM University hostel fee for male and female students can be checked from the table below.

For Male Candidates

S.No.ParticularsAccommodation & Mess Fees
1Non AC Common Washroom (3 sharing) (Paari, Kaari, Oori, Adhiyaman)99,500
2Non AC with Washroom (3 sharing) (Sannasi – A Block)1,11,500
3AC with Washroom (3 sharing) (Sannasi – A Block)1,90,000
4AC with Washroom (3 sharing) – Nelson Mandela2,10,000
5AC with Washroom (2 sharing) – Nelson Mandela2,90,000

For Female Candidates

S.No.ParticularsAccommodation & Mess Fees
1Non AC with Washroom (3 sharing) – Meenakshi1,11,500
2AC with Washroom (2,3 sharing) – Kalpanan Chawla2,10,000
3AC with Washroom (2 sharing) M Block2,15,000


  • The hostel fee includes mess fees of Rs 55000 for veg and non-veg food.
  • The laundry fee for male candidates is Rs. 6000, and Rs 7000 for female candidates.
  • The hostel fee will not be refunded unless the candidate withdraws from the course.
  • There will be no refund for students expelled from the hostel.
  • The hostel cancellation changes will be according to the rules.

SRM University Management Programmes Fees

BBABusiness Administration85,000Shift 1: 70,000Shift 2: 60,000Shift 1: 80,000Shift 2: 70,00085,000
MBABusiness Administration3,00,000Shift 1: 2,50,000 (50% to 59.9%)2,00,000(Above 60%)2,00,0002,00,000
Hospital Management3,00,000Shift 1: 2,50,000 (50% to 59.9%)2,00,000(Above 60%)NANA
MMSMMS in Banking & Financial ServicesFirst Year – 3,38,250Second Year – 3,06,750NANANA

Hostel Fee for Management Programmes

For Male Candidates

S.No.ParticularsAccommodation & Mess Fees
1Non AC Common Washroom (2 sharing) (Began Block)99,500
2Non AC Common Washroom (3 sharing) (Mullai Block)99,500
3Non AC with Washroom (2 sharing) – Began Block1,11,500
4AC with Washroom (3 sharing) – Sannasi A Block1,90,000

For Female Candidates

S.No.ParticularsAccommodation & Mess Fees
1Non AC with Washroom (3 sharing) – Meenakshi1,11,500
2AC with Washroom (2,3 sharing) – Kalpanan Chawla2,10,000
3AC with Washroom (2 sharing) M Block2,15,000
4Non AC with Washroom (2 sharing) – M Block1,30,000


  • The hostel fee includes mess fees of Rs 55000 for veg and non-veg food.
  • The laundry fee for male candidates is Rs. 6000, and Rs 7000 for female candidates.
  • The hostel fee will not be refunded unless the candidate withdraws from the course.
  • There will be no refund for students expelled from the hostel.
  • The hostel cancellation changes will be according to the rules.

Hostel Fee for Para Medical programmes

Below are the SRM University Hostel Fees for BPT, BOT, B.Sc. Nursing, MPT, MOT, M.Sc. Nursing;

For Girls

S.No.ParticularsAccommodation & Mess Fees
1Annual Hostel FeesRs 25,000
2Annual Mess FeeRs 40,000

For Boys

S.No.ParticularsAccommodation & Mess Fees
1Annual Hostel FeesRs 39,580
2Annual Mess FeeRs 58,000

SRM University Transport Fees for All Programmes

S.No.CampusBus FeeCourses
1Kattankulathur (KTR)Rs 50,000Engineering & Technology, Medical & Dental, Health Sciences, Science & Humanities
2VadapalaniRs 40,000
3NCRRs 40,000 (from Ghaziabad)Rs 50,000 (from Mohan Nagar/ Noida/ Delhi)

Scholarship Fees

SRM University extends a variety of scholarships to gifted students who might otherwise miss out on the chance to pursue their studies at the institution.

S.No.Name of the scholarshipEligibilityPercent of scholarship
1SRM Founder’s Scholarship
Candidate should be in top 100 in SRMJEEE Merit ListThe toppers of CBSE/ State board districts in each district of IndiaOutstanding sports persons at both National and International Level
2SRM Merit Scholarship
SRMJEEE rank 101 to 500SRMJEEE rank 501 to 1000SRMJEEE rank 1001 to 2000SRMJEEE rank 2001 to 3000
3Socio-Economic ScholarshipAs determined by scholarship committee25% to 100%
4Differently abled scholarshipAs determined by scholarship committee25% to 100%
5SRM Arts and Culture ScholarshipCandidates possessing outstanding skills in literary and fine arts as assessed by scholarship committee25% to 100%-Microbiology


ParticularsPlacement Statistics 2023-24 (Ongoing)Placement Statistics 2022-23 (Ongoing)
Companies Visited718+1311+
Offers Made4230+9011+
High Paying Offers2082+3327+
Average CTCINR 7.92 LPAINR 6.88 LPA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fee structure at SRM University?

The fee structure at SRM University varies depending on the specific program and campus. For detailed and up-to-date information on various course and program fees, refer to the official website or contact the university directly.

Who is eligible for SRM 2024?

Students who have completed their 10+2 education or its equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) as compulsory subjects are eligible to proceed with the registration process for SRMJEEE 2024.

Is SRM cheaper than VIT?

It depends on various factors such as the specific program, scholarships, and financial aid options available.

Is there a donation fee for SRM University?

Officially, SRM Engineering College does not have a donation fee policy. However, as with many institutions, exceptions and unofficial practices may exist.

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