Supercharge Your Learning: 6 Essential Tools that Boost Student Productivity

Students must integrate assistive tools into their study plans to keep up with the burdensome academic loads. These tools supercharge students’ productivity levels and allow them to stay on track. This article will discuss some of these tools so that you can complete more academic tasks in less time. But before that, let’s discuss some common types of these tools. This will help you decide if you can utilize these tools effectively or not.

Types of Learning Tools that Increase Productivity

Student assisting tools are of many types. However, the primary goal of a large proportion of these tools is to enhance the productivity of students. Here are some types of these tools:

  • Planning and Scheduling tools
  • Communication tools
  • Note-taking tools
  • Test Preparation tools
  • Study Material providing tools

Some tools perform specific functions, while others are a blend of the types given above.

7 Tools for Boosting Student Productivity

Here, we have explained some carefully chosen learning tools that can help you study in a
more efficient manner.

1. Online Notepad for Note Taking

Modern writing tools have become overly complex, and their extensive features are useless to students. However, the need for writing or note-taking tools is still quite significant. That’s why a tool like Online Notepad is essential.

Online Notepad for Note Taking
Online Notepad for Note Taking

Online Notepad is an online tool that lets users type unlimited words. It can be used to take notes during lectures instead of using pencils and paper, and it can also be used to create written assignments such as essays, case studies, and other tasks.

Useful Features

  • This online notepad shows you the number of words and paragraphs you have written.
  • The interface is clear and clean. No irrelevant buttons or features are blocking the view.
  • The tool can be used free of charge without limits.

2. Prepostseo for Note-Digitalization

Nowadays, digitizing notes is a conventional and feasible method of storing them. Prepostseo’s image to text converter can be used for this purpose. This tool intakes data in the form of images and provides output in the form of text.


This means that if you input the image of your notes in this tool, all the textual information in that image will be converted into editable text. This can be useful when you skip a day and have to copy notes from your friend. This tool can save you time as you don’t have to transcribe everything that was taught manually.

Useful Features

  • You can easily upload images and download the results from this tool.
  • Supports multiple image formats.
  • This tool can extract mathematical information as well.
  • This tool detects text characters even from low-resolution images.

3. Todoist for Task Management

Todoist is an online tool that allows students to multitask efficiently. This tool is utterly essential for students because they are assigned multiple tasks throughout the academic year.


All the users of this tool have to do is create a schedule, and they will automatically be reminded when the time to do the task comes. In this way, you can never miss or forget something and manage your time effectively.

Useful Features

  • Todoist has NLP integration that understands the meaning of your tasks and rewrites them more understandably.
  • The task priority feature allows you to know what’s more important.
  • You can segment your tasks. This feature can be used in academics to sort tasks of different subjects separately.

4. Quizlet for Test Preparation

Quizlet is a complete study tool that offers students all the necessary utilities to gain knowledge. However, the most noteworthy ability of this tool is the test preparation tools. This tool uses flashcards and multiple-choice questions to help students memorize stuff.


These flashcards and quizzes are tailored according to the student’s preferences. In this way, you can get a personalized learning experience and enhance your academic performance.

Useful Features

  • There is a wide range of subjects to choose from. This tool can create preparation material for all these subjects.
  • The community of this tool is active and friendly. You can take academic assistance from any of them.
  • Quizlet creates flashcards and quizzes with relevant questions instead of asking for unnecessary information.

5. Google Drive for Document Storage

Google Drive is an exceptional cloud storage that offers a free capacity of 15 GB. This tool is so useful that some organizations now provide their students with Drive access for free. This storage can be used to save various files like assignments, projects, and other academic documents.


Using this tool means you don’t have to be concerned about losing crucial academic data. It is a secure space to store documents, images, videos, and even applications.

Useful Features

  • It is quite easy to upload any type of file to Google Drive. You can also download or share these files by following simple steps.
  • Google Drive can scan for viruses in files, so your device can remain safe from
  • malware.
  • Students can access their documents from multiple devices, such as laptops and mobile phones.

6. Khan Academy for Learning Material

Khan Academy is a free study material provider where you can learn about any subject that you like. It provides recorded video lectures on mathematics, physics, and more.


Khan Academy also has dedicated study plans for specific test preparation, such as the SAT, GRE, and other international entry tests. So, Khan Academy is a good option if you accidentally skipped a lecture or want to prepare for a test remotely.

Useful Features

  • Khan Academy is free to use and has well-explained lectures for various topics.
  • You can create customized plans and study goals with the help of this platform.
  • This tool has an extensive question pool for you to gain mastery in any subject or topic of your choice.

Wrapping Up

Learning or studying is now super convenient and effective. The latest tools allow students to keep their study process extremely streamlined and stay on track. With these tools, students stay focused and are able to fulfill multiple tasks simultaneously. If you are a student and haven’t tried any of them, this article has provided quite a few great options for you.

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